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At Aker Doors we provide you, the customer, with the finest choices in beautiful residential overhead garage doors.

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At Aker Doors our wide variety and selection of commercial doors affords several options to builders and buyers.

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Aker Doors we provide you the best in class for residential and commercial Liftmaster Garage Door Openers.


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Aker Doors Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

There are many garage door opener options to choose from on the market. We have compiled some key information on how to choose an operator that will meet your needs.

The Basics:
A 3/4 horse power operator will last longer than a 1/2 horse power. It will also cost slightly more on account of the extra power and life you’ll get.

A belt drive operator is quieter than a chain and requires much less maintenance. For instance, a chain operator will need its chain adjusted as it stretches with use. In addition, the chain itself will need to be lubricated with oil over the years.

Belt drive operators are a great fit for a person who doesn’t like maintenance or if noise is an issue. They are much quieter so if your garage is attached to your home or if there are sleeping quarters nearby this may be better suited for you. It is also a good choice if you have late night coming and goings in your household. (Third-shifters, not sneaky teens!)
A heavy duty Carriage House operator with a double T rail is available for heavier doors. This provides nice reinforcement and comes 3/4 horse power as standard.

For all trolley type operators a standard 110 volt outlet is required, centered in the ceiling, and 3 feet further back from the door than door height.

Liftmasters wall mount operator is an excellent choice if you prefer to keep your ceiling clear. It offers soft start & stop DC motor control as well as accepts a battery back-up if desired. An additional feature is that you can have as many remote ceiling lights as you wish, all activated by the garage door opener. A standard 110 volt outlet is required on the wall within 5 feet of the operator.

Garage Door Opener Accessories:
Liftmaster offers many accessories for your operator.

Keyless Entries- This accessory is extremely convenient and very popular. Avoid problems such as losing your keys, needing multiple sets, or remembering to take them with you in the first place.

Motion Sensing Wall Controls- Turns on the garage lights automatically as soon as the sensors detect movement.

Door Monitor- This goes inside your home and lets you know if your garage door is open. When used properly it prevents arguments about who will get out of bed to go check.
Laser Parking System- Tells you where to stop in your garage, eliminating the hanging tennis ball! Love-love this product.

Remote Light Control- Can be used with plug in lighting fixtures, TV’s, radios and other small appliances. Use your transmitter to turn off & on from inside your vehicle.
Surge Protector- Protects your operator from electrical strikes.

Aker Door also offers Liftmasters complete line of commercial operators, residential and commercial gate openers. Please refer to Liftmasters website for further details.

Contact Aker Doors today at 763-434-4545 We’ll have your garage door opener hooked up in no time.

Minnesota Garage Door, Aker Doors Ham Lake
  • I wanted to send an email of thanks for the outstanding job relative to our new garage doors. You and your company did an excellent job start to finish on the project. Finally, give the install team thanks as well; they did a great job – conscious workers with strong customer service skills. I’ll be sure to pass your name to anyone needing garage door services.

    Todd Annette Thorson
  • I want to thank you and compliment you on your quality of customer service and the Haas Door I had installed. The gentleman on the phone patiently answered all my questions, a technician was installing the door the next day and it’s a heavy duty door. I’ll do repeat business with you!

    K Kaiser MN
  • I’d like to thank you and everyone at Aker Doors for a great job. The house has never looked better with curb appeal beyond what I thought. I sent some pics for everyone to see. Once again, thank you very much.

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